Great ideas for an FHE activity!

I was just tooling around on the net last night, checking some of  my favorite blogs, and I came across this:

What an absolutely darling apron, and a great idea for an activity.  See, I have a young daughter who loves to help out in the kitchen, but in her enthusiasm, she tends to get as much of the ingredients on her clothes as she does in the food being prepared.  And she’s got some darling outfits that I’d love to keep cleaner.  So I thought for the next family home evening that the two of us together could make these aprons, and then she’d be better prepared to help out when we make dinner, or family home evening treats.

Now I just have to think of a good fhe lesson to go along with it.  Maybe it’s time for another service lesson, or a lesson about the importance of knowing basic things, like how to cook, sew, and clean up properly.  A lesson my little boy could definitely use.

So, what are some of your favorite family home evening activities, treats, and lessons?  Come on, don’t be shy!  Share!

MaryAnn Dill

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