Family home evening resources, like recipes for treat that families can make together, are great tools.

Great Family Home Evening Resources For Planning Your Monday Night

There are a lot of wonderful Family Home Evening resources out there that can be a huge help when planning a great Monday night.

FHE on DVD was created to be an invaluable family home evening resource for busy families. We know how difficult it can seem sometimes trying to set an evening aside for study and worship, let alone all the time your family spent the week before planning and organizing for it. Our goal is to simplify this process and provide valuable spiritual lessons for your whole family – without taking up so much time. But we’re only one of many family home evening resources out there; the online LDS community is just as caring and happy to serve as your neighbors and friends from church.

That being said, there are so many FHE resources out there it can sometimes be overwhelming to sift through them all. So we’ve sifted through a wealth of LDS knowledge and wisdom out there to try and provide you with some additional options. These amazing family home evening resources are chock-full of ideas for songs, lessons, games, activities, refreshments, all-inclusive FHE plans, and much more.

FHE Resources – Songs

The Official LDS Website,

The official church website has a wonderful free online version of their Children’s Songbook, with about 300 different songs! You can play the songs in your browser, and download them for your reference. If you sang a different song each Monday night, this one website would provide you with enough songs to last nearly six years!

LDS Sacred Songs

LDS Sacred Songs offers well-researched, doctrinally correct music, as well as old favorites. Each song has its own recording, whether it’s singing, pianists, or hymn arrangements. The site is run by Sharon Austad Bagle, a happily married mother of eight children who plays and writes much of this music herself. All of the recordings are performed by her and her family. There is a simply huge variety of music on here, separated by topic, age groups, instruments, and more.

FHE Resources – Lessons and Lesson Ideas

LDS Daily

LDS Daily offers wonderful lesson plans complete with links and suggestions for Scripture excerpts, activities, and hymns with each lesson. There are many lessons being added all the time, and most of which relate the topic to the modern world and up-to-date happenings. It even offers specific lessons for teens and adults without young children!

Mormon Share

Mormon Share, “perfecting saints, one lesson at a time,” offers over 100 ideas for family home evening topics complete with activities and topics. They offer many lessons for each age group and situation, from toddlers to singles to married families. Additionally, Mormon Share sells a variety of cute LDS jewelry and crafts to support their website.

LDS Splash

LDS Splash has all sorts of LDS resources, but their section on FHE lesson ideas is really something. Each lesson is described simply with an easy activity and Scripture ideas. The activities come with print-outs and anything you might need to have a fun family home evening. The topics cover a huge variety of valuable life lessons you might not think of at first, like patriotism and car care! Another great family home evening resource for all ages.

The Mormon Home

The Mormon Home is a website run by Rachel Evans Davis for “celebrating the faithful life.” There are lots of resources for scripture study, sharing the word, and much more, but we included them in this list because of her excellent Missionary family home evening resource complete with booklet print-out, which encourages younger children to start getting active practice in spreading the word of God.

The Official LDS Website,

Naturally, the Family Home Evening Resource Book is the complete guide to all things FHE. It offers 37 full lessons, and an additional 50 or so lesson ideas. There are also resources for games, activities, snacks, music, hints on making your Monday nights successful, and general advice about building a strong family.

Funtastic Family Home Evenings

Funtastic Family Home Evenings is another family home evening resource that offers 50 complete lesson plans on a variety of subjects. The lessons are organized under a broader topic, and their quirky titles hint toward the theme and message of each lesson plan. It also has many fun LDS stories to share with your family on a wide variety of topics.

FHE Resources – Games

LDS Games

This interesting site not only has fun online games like Hangman, puzzles, flash games, arcade games and more, it also offers print out coloring pages, mazes, and word searches- all for free! Each game is centered on a Mormon teaching or element of the LDS church itself. It also has homeschooling resources for younger kids and some LDS board games and toys for sale.

Mormon Share

Wow, Mormon Share has nearly 300 different LDS game ideas that would be perfect for family home evening. Some are more centered on worship than others, but all of them look fun. There are many games for older groups and families, as well as young families, and some gender-specific games as well. Anything you need to play the games is clearly stated or attached as a downloadable file (should you need print-outs or something).

FHE Resources – Activities

Thought Co.

This site caters to families of all different religions, but their page for Latter-day Saints is very well-done and has 116 different activities perfect for family home evening. We love that many of the activities benefit your community or get your family active and out of the house.

The Official LDS Website, has lots of great family home evening resources, including quite a few online games for children and printable coloring pages. It even offers activities specific to General Conference!


LDS Splash

This huge list of snacks is perfect for family home evening. There’s a variety of flavors and recipe difficulties, but most are sweet and simple. If you like Jell-O, ice cream, or Oreos, you’ll find something to love this Monday night.

Mormon Hub

This list of 16 delicious snacks is full of variety, and each recipe has an accompanying video that guides you step-by-step toward family home evening deliciousness. Many of them are hearty and healthy, but there are more than a couple simple sweet desserts as well. I’m personally intrigued by the waffle s’mores and avocado fries!

Thank You to All Who Provided Family Home Evening Resources

We at FHE on DVD are grateful there are so many creative, dutiful, and blessed families out there dedicating their time to sharing their wonderful tips and ideas for a perfect family home evening. Between the delicious treats on LDS Splash and Mormon Hub and our ready-to-go FHE on DVD lessons, family home evenings never have to be stressful again!

MaryAnn Dill

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