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7 Awesome DIY Ideas For Family Home Evening Boards

Family home evening boards are a fun and effective way to organize your family nights!

Gordon B. Hinckley once said, “Never assume that you can make it alone. You need the help of the Lord. Never hesitate to get on your knees in some private place and speak with Him.

The same is true for your family. This is one of the many reasons why sharing the responsibilities for planning and putting together a great family home evening is good for the home and the soul. Trusting and relying on those you love most to come together and create a beautiful FHE is an act of togetherness and duty. Parents, when you were children, don’t you remember how working alongside your siblings for a greater purpose brought you together? Share that experience with your children by delegating the different tasks to prepare a fun and meaningful family home evening among your family.

Even the youngest can contribute!

The most important work we do in this life is in our homes with our families.” Jeffrey R. and Patricia T. Holland

These family home evening boards are easy and fun to make, and just another example of tasks made easier by sharing the burden among many! If your whole family contributes to building your FHE board, the lessons they will learn about working together will stick with them every Monday hence.

Individual burdens and concerns may be lightened by the power of a family united in mutual love and support and in prayers of faith.” Rex D. Pinegar

We at FHE on DVD have searched the internet for the best DIY ideas for family home evening boards and put them all in one place (with credit to the artist(s) behind each one!) for you to peruse. The amount of creativity and love that went into creating these family home evening boards is apparent from first glance.

Family home evening board example

Image courtesy of the Creative Crate

1 ) FHE Boards – Dice

The most unique take we’ve found on the family home evening board are these fun FHE dice created by the Creative Crate (whose website is experiencing some technical issues). To make these, get two medium-sized wooden blocks (craft stores often have them) and paint each side a different color. Label the 6 sides with these 6 different tasks: Prayer, Song, Lesson, Activity, Treats, and Scripture. For the other die, label each side with a member of your family’s name. Feel free to let everyone paint and decorate “their side” of the dice! When it comes time to choose responsibilities for next week’s family home evening, roll the dice until each person is paired with a task!

How cute is that?

2 ) FHE Boards – Picture Frame

Family home evening boards - example

Image courtesy of Prepared Not Scared.

This very pretty DIY family home evening board was made by the Prepared Not Scared blog, where it’s for sale. However, if you want to make a similar one yourself, find a store which sells picture frames (Wal-Mart has plenty) and find a large picture frame with areas cut out for multiple photos, like this one. Then, put a picture of each of your family members in the frame. Next, find five or six Popsicle sticks and decorate and label them for each FHE task. Place stick-on Velcro strips on each picture and on the back of each label. That way, you can attach a different task to each person each week.

3 ) FHE Boards – Family Coat Hooks

There are two different versions of this DIY FHE board, just in case you can’t find some of the materials at your local craft store. The easier version is this: find a coat hook board that says “Family” on it with a sufficient number of hooks. Write a different FHE task above each hook, and decorate the coat hook however you’d like. Next, get a small picture (2×3) of each of your family members and glue it onto a luggage tag or similar thing that you can hang from each hook. Another fun, affordable option is to use customized Christmas ornaments, but if you have younger children, delicate glass might be a problem!

The second version, in case you can’t find a Family coat hook, is to get wooden letters and coat hooks from your craft store and glue them together to spell family (or your families last name) and screw the coat hooks near the bottom of each letter. Then, write a different FHE task by each hook and continue the process as before.

FHE boards - example

Image courtesy of Ginger Snap Craft.

4 ) FHE Boards – Door Knobs

I personally love this FHE board made by Ginger Snap Crafts. Another fun DIY option would be using different, antique looking door knobs for each task, like this or this. You can find these online, or by checking thrift stores and estate sales. Simply get a wooden board, paint and decorate it as you would like, install the drawer pulls or door knobs (write the FHE task above them), and hang simple wooden hearts from each knob. The hearts can have a picture of each family member glued on, or their name painted on.

5 ) FHE Boards – Metal Board with Family Cut-Outs

For this fun DIY FHE board, inspired by Taking Care of Monkey Business, you’ll need a metal sheet and a frame that fits it. Then, print out full-body pictures of each of your family and cut them out, gluing them to the board. On small magnets (made from popsicle sticks or whatever else) write each FHE task, placing the magnet above the appropriate family member. I think the quirky poses really embrace the personality and style of your family!

FHE board example

Image courtesy of Simple as That

6 ) FHE Boards – Wooden Board with Magnets

Simple As That used plastic name badge holders and a wooden sign to put together this classy family home evening board. They found a large piece of wood, painted and decorated it, and placed a thin metal strip across the bottom decorated with each FHE task. Then, the badge holders were filled with pictures of the family, and small magnets attached to the back. For a slightly more economic version, you can find strips of magnetic material at most craft stores.

7 ) FHE Boards – Old Cookie Sheet Magnet Board

This creative and thrifty craft board created by Sadie Seasongoods can easily be reimagined as a familly home evening board. Using supplied you probably already have for scrapbooking, decorate an old metal cookie sheet and separate it into sections for each FHE task. Then, find small magnets with each family members initial (or you can make your own using anything, really), and voila! Easy DIY cookie sheet family home evening boards.

Final Thoughts Family Home Evening Boards

It’s a wonder how much creativity God blessed his children with! From fancy to casual, there are family home evening boards for each family’s personality. Have fun with your children building and decorating these family home evening boards, and every time they pick a task for the upcoming Monday, they’ll be reminded of that wonderful experience crafting with family. Have you made a DIY family home evening board and want to share? Send it to us, and we’ll post it here, or post it in the comments!

MaryAnn Dill

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